Fashion; How to keep up with the trends?

How to keep up with the trends?

Being a girl that takes care of her appearance is not an easy task, and sometimes all the shopping can be quite stressful, but that’s what makes us girls so unique. Dressing up no matter the occasion, and experimenting with jewellery should be a part of who we are, for first impression matters the most. Sometimes we’re limited with a budget and for most of the women that means waiting for a Christmas Sale or Black Friday to get themselves a new pair of shoes. So, how can one manage to keep up with fashion trends when on the budget? Well, it’s possible, and not something that requires spending a night on calculation. There are numerous tips and tricks when it comes to clothes shopping or accessorising, and we gathered the ones we believe are the best. Here are the keynotes on what to buy and when.

There are some ground rules when it comes to clothes shopping. Shirts and dresses are bought on sale, while trousers are purchased during the season. When it comes to staple pieces and formal wear, it’s best to invest in quality. T-shirts and sweatshirts, on the other hand, are sale items. When it comes to skirts, it depends on the quality and the occasion. If you’re going to use it once, then buy it while on sale, but if you see an item is versatile and can be used every day, then invest money in it. When purchasing scarves, spend only on the material, not the print. Silk scarves are worthy of the investment, while modern-printed cotton scarf is best to be bought on sale. Blazers should be purchased on sale if you find the right size, but avoid buying something you’re not going to wear often in the future. When buying a coat, invest in the material, not the design, as just like the jacket, it’s a functional piece than anything else.

When buying shoes, invest in the everyday wear. Shoes you wear to work should be comfortable, and that means investment. On the other hand, look for a pair of heels during the Christmas Sale. When it comes to boots, avoid buying the fancy looking ones, but instead, opt for those that will keep you warm. When it comes to the sandals and flip-flops, look out for those that will keep you off the ground. In any case, buy the footwear off-season. Even though you’ll need to wait the next year to wear it, you’ll get better quality for the price when purchasing off-season fashion items.

Jewellery is what adds the final touch, but it’s not the only accessory available out there. Make sure to invest in a bag that you will use more than once, and when it comes to clutches, purchase them when on sale. Avoid bright colours, and opt for something that can be used in various combinations. While gold asks for investment, silver jewellery is much cheaper and goes well with almost any combination. Opt for the jewellery that incorporates semi-precious stones like amethyst, but also don’t be afraid to experiment with wood or other material. Also, make sure to invest in pearls, as their popularity never diminishes no matter the era.