5 Reasons Why an Electrician Beats Other Careers

        1. A college degree isn’t necessary. While it can possibly give you more proper training and preparation, plenty of perfectly skilled electricians were schooled from the previous generations. Others may have taken part in an apprenticeship, which is a great way to learn the ins and outs, as well as get your foot in the door. Even if you do opt for proper schooling, several trade schools can offer you cheaper options than a traditional 4-year college.

    1. The pay is considered to be comfortable. Let’s face it – the reason we work is to earn income. Because not just anyone can do an electrician’s work, it typically pays fairly well. Although it does vary greatly, ranging anywhere from about 50k-90k annually.

    1. There is room for growth. So many companies experience high turnovers because the employees start to feel undervalued once they have perfected their duties and there is nowhere else to go. As an electrician, you can move your way up the ladder within most companies. Furthermore, you may be able to even work for yourself.


    1. Electricians are always in demand. You can move to any state and most likely find a company that can use your skills. If for some reason you don’t, start freelancing!


  1. There are new experiences every day. Whether it is meeting new people or figuring out a new electrical issue, you will be gaining something from each day that you are an electrician. This is not one of those jobs that become repetitive and boring. Every day is an adventure to learn from.